Nightmares? Flashbacks?

Post trauma hallucinations?

Thinking about it over and over again?

Traumatised by what happened to someone close to you? 

Feeling hyper-alert, unsafe, anxious tense and afraid? 

Fed up of talking about it?

Too scared to talk about it?


  • Process traumatic memories quickly and efficiently

  • Transfer your unwanted memories from immediately and uncontrollably accessible to accessible only on your request.

  • Remember your trauma, but be able to decide when to recall it.

  • Be free from nightmares, flashbacks and other unwanted recalls without disclosing any of your experiences.

  • This treatment can help:

  1. Victims of trauma

  2. Innocent onlookers

  3. First responders (fire fighters, police officers and ambulance staff/paramedics)

  4. Professionals experiencing vicarious trauma

In most cases we will only have to meet 2-3 times, however Rewind can also become part of a longer therapy, if there is a need for it. 

Please note: no treatment is 100% successful. In some cases I may not be able to help you by using rewind. If this is the case, we can discuss your options.

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