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Stressed Out?

Anxious? Worried?

Need something, but

struggling to see what?

    Feeling confused?

Need someone to listen?

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Make the first step towards a fulfilling life today. 

Feeling low?

Feeling unworthy?

Feeling guilty or ashamed?

Lacking energy?


Anxious? Nervous? Weary?

Can't sleep? Tearful?

In crisis?

Sad and angry at the same time? 

Struggling to understand your 

behaviour and feelings? 

Feeling confused?

Just can't seem to let it go and move on?

Feeling broken?

What you have to say is too much for friends and family?

Working together with me can help you to process and overcome the terror of the trauma and what it left you with. You can manage flashbacks, develop better understanding of your triggers and  how to neutralise them.

You can take control back and become you again.

Recovery is possible.

Take the first step today. 

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Unhappy with yourself and your body?

Eating too much or too little?

Worried about your eating?

Concerning body weight?

Noticing slipping back into 'old habits'?

Diagnosed with an eating disorder?

The critical voice is back?

Scared to eat?

Vomiting and purging?

In an endless circle?

Binge eating?

Scared of judgement and control from others?

Heading 2

No one’s eating is perfect. No one’s relation to their body is perfect. Everybody’s can be good and healthy.

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