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A few facts about therapy with me:
  • I have nearly 20 years of combined experience working therapeutically with people across life span and variety of issues

  • It is safe and ethical

  • We progress at your pace and you control what is and isn't spoken about

  • It is confidential and I treat all information about you with respect.

  • You can choose a form (kind of therapy) and frequency of meetings and I can advise you on this.

  • You can change your mind at any point.

  • The cost is the same throughout of the course of therapy.

  • My focus is on resolving underlying issues rather than simply removing symptoms, which gives long term results.

  • It is influenced by my continuus learning and development as a practitioner, which means you benefit from new findings in the therapy field.

  • My work is conducted from my office in Central Manchester. The office is convenient and easy to get to. It is comfortable, quiet and private.

  • I also practice online.

  • I welcome clients insured in number of insurance companies, including Aviva, VitalityHealth, WPA , AXA PPP, The Exeter, Allianz, Bupa and Aetna Global.

  • Most of people feel nervous when they attend first time and this is completely normal and understandable, so don't worry, if you do as well.

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Therapy could be the answer:
  • When you tried to talk to a friend or family member and they can't help

  • When you feel like you are going around in circles and you feel frustrated or powerless.

  • When something happened to you or someone close to you and it changed the way you think and feel about yourself and the world around you.

  • When you feel confused and scared.

  • When you feel as if you were standing at the crossroads and were too afraid to choose your path.

  • When you feel unable and hopeless.

  • When you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and don't know how to manage them.

  • When you experience physical symptoms that have no medical reason.

  • When you feel low.

  • When you struggle with your diet and how you see yourself and your body.

  • When you are anxious.

  • When you are 'fine', but feel this is not good enough.          

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I can help you to:

Live a happier life.

Learn to understand and manage your emotions when times are difficult. 

Learn to find your own solutions.

Learn to prevent making the same mistakes time and time again.

Communicate your needs better so you can get from life and others what you need.

Respect & care for yourself.

Process any traumatic events in your life.

Be free of nightmares, flashbacks and other unwanted recalls of a traumatic event.

Gain confidence in yourself and how well you can do in life.

Enhance your already existing skills and build up on your strengths. 

Manage, cope with, understand & prevent problems.

Solve problems and feel better for doing so.

Resolve relationship issues quicker. Prevent them arising in the future by better communication.

Learn to negotiate & compromise.

Use your past experiences to build a better future.

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