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    Why therapy could be the answer?

    Do you sometimes feel like you are going around in circles? You are doing all you can to get out, but you keep finding yourself in the same place, time and time again. It's frustrating.

    Or maybe, you have been living a fulfilling, happy life up till now. But something happened to you or someone close to you and it changed the way you think and feel about yourself and the world around you.

    It's confusing and scary.

    Maybe you feel as if you were standing at the crossroads and were too afraid to choose your path. It  can make you feel unable and hopeless.

    Maybe you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and don't know how to manage them.

    Maybe you are 'fine', but feel this is not good enough.

    You can do better and you deserve better.

    YOU are the key to your happiness and by looking for help,YOU have made a great step in the right direction, but remember, if YOU change nothing, nothing will change!

    Counselling with me will help you understand, manage and remove issues you may have. Our real goal would be to prevent issues arising again, but if they do, we have a solid and reliable method to cope with them quickly.


    We will make sure we work together so YOU ARE HAPPY becoming a much better version of you at your own pace.

    I can help you to:


    Live a happier life, the life you want to lead.

    Learn to understand and manage your emotions when times are difficult. 

    Learn to find your own solutions.

    Learn to prevent making the same mistakes time and time again.

    Communicate your needs better so you can get from life and others what you need.

    Respect & care for yourself.

    Process any traumatic events in your life.

    Be free of nightmares, flashbacks and other unwanted recalls of a traumatic event.

    Gain confidence in yourself and how well you can do in life.

    Enhance your already existing skills and build up on your strengths

    Manage, cope with, understand & prevent problems.

    Solve problems and feel better for doing so.

    Resolve relationship issues quicker. Prevent them arising in the future by better communication.

    Learn to negotiate & compromise.

    The investment in your mental health today will benefit you for life.