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How does it work?


Hypnosis activates the parasympathetic nervous system and quiets down the sympathetic nervous system to allow you to react to pain in calm way as opposed to stressed and fearful way. Pain is a normal and natural part of giving a birth, but you do not have to experience it as a horrendous thing. Some clients tell me that their experience of pain is that of pain being somehow far away or not bothering. They say, hypnosis allows to stay focused on task and stay in the control of the task, at the same time, allowing the body to do it's job. Remember- your body is prepared and knows how to deliver a baby. Hypnosis will prepare you mentally and emotionally for situations where things do not go the way you have planned. You can learn how to feel fine with changes and even emergencies, allow your mind and body to work together to get the best childbirth for you in any situation.

The program helps you and your partner to work throughout the pregnancy to make connection with the baby, but also one with another. We will discuss what is needed from you and what is needed from your partner. We can work on any issues and misunderstandings that may appear during the pregnancy. We will work to resolve any fears you and your partner may have regarding the pregnancy and the childbirth. We will prepare the both of you to be an active participant in the birth of your child.


Ideally you will attend 10-12 sessions during first 4 months of pregnancy. We will invite your partner to some of the meetings. We will discuss your needs and special requirements and I will create hypnotrances for you to experience in my office, but also to take them home with you, so you can keep listening to them and practice. We will then meet again around 8th month of pregnancy to see, if there are any additional needs and to review how you are doing. From this point we will be meeting weekly, if possible, to prepare you specifically for the labour and childbirth. Again, we will ask your partner to attend some of the sessions with you, we want them to be part of the process and actively support you and the baby.

When to call?


Arguably the best time to engage with the hypnosis is at the point of preparation for pregnancy- when you are trying for a baby, particularly, if you face any difficulties in this phase. However, do not worry, many people contact me when they find out they are pregnant. I suggest the meeting to be as early as possible in this situation, to give you as much time for preparation as possible. But do not worry, we have many months to prepare and that is plenty of time.


Please note- hypnosis is a complementary service and do not replace medical diagnosis, treatment or advise. If you are worried about your pregnancy, please consult with your midwife or a leading doctor.

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