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I have always been looking after others. I forgot I need help sometimes too. Now I know how to take care of myself and how to ask for help, if I need some.

James, 54

I never realised how great of an impact my past has on my life now. You helped me to see this and since then I have been able to make better decisions for myself.

Agnieszka, 28

My therapist, Ania, was a huge part of my recovery during this time. Her ideas and techniques on how to cope with my sleeping, outlook on positive things in the day and dealing with issues were all key to my recovery.

Matthew, 19

6 years ago my sister died of a heart failure. I was the person who needed to make the decision to disconnect her from life support. It was excruciating. I was upset and lacking confidence after that. I was struggling to make any decisions in life worrying that I would make a wrong one. The rewind, even though it is a bit odd, has been great. We have made 4 few minutes attempts during the first session and I could not see what was coming. The week following the session, I started to feel energy and confidence in myself. I put my make-up on and went shopping, first time in 6 years. I since then, have been able to go out with friends, be intimate with my husband and enjoy my life. I stopped crying. I cannot recommend Ania and her work more.

Jane. 42

I lost my son in a horrible way watching him fading away battled by an illness. All I wanted was to be able to remember him when he was happy and not for how he was when he was suffering. I wanted to remember the good times. Ania and her approach gave me that. I still know what happened and how it happened, but I am not bombarded by nightmares and flashbacks. When I want to remember my son, I can now think about all the great things he has done in life and all the great times we had together. I am forever grateful for this.

Debs, 52

I had a car accident 2 years ago. I was unharmed, but since then, kept feeling very anxious and unsettled. I had to quit my job, most of the days I couldn't get out of bed or attend to domestic tasks, I couldn't tolerate crowded places and couldn't even take my dog out for a walk. I was hunted by 'we all could have died' thoughts. Ania offered me the rewind and it was not only easy to do, but also I felt calm immediately. Over the 2 weeks following my first session, I managed to travel on a public transport, went out shopping and started thinking about getting a job again. I even managed to get behind the wheel of a car. Recently I boarded an airplane and went on great holidays to Spain. Before I met Ania, I though, this would never be an option for me again. It is incredible how quickly the method works and how much better I have been feeling.

Agnieszka, 34

I was sexually assaulted a few years ago by a group of men. I have coped well over the years and lived as , if this never happened. Recently, something brought the memories back and I started to struggle with flashbacks and nightmares. I was getting more and more tired, more and more frustrated. I was struggling at work, my relationship become compromised and I kept lashing out at people at any glance of distress. I felt out of control. The therapy you offered allowed me to process the memories and emotions that have been inside me for all these years. I feel back to normal, this time though, I am not hiding from what happened and I managed to accept it as part of my life story. 

Karolina, 28

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