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    The method (H.I.I.T.) serves finding underlying reasons for your struggles, in particular, if your issues stem from your early childhood and have been pushed into your unconscious.

    The method allows you to understand and work on the whole of your life history in depth and the impact events from your past still have on you today. 

    This method will also allow you to communicate with your unconscious at the pre-birth period of your life (if you want/need that) and some people can even connect with the self from the pre-conception, by some known as the soul.

    The number of sessions depends on your biological age as the therapy will be taking you back in reverse chronology of life.

    More about H.I.I.T and its theoretical background

    Hypnointegrative Psychotherapy of Depth (Life analysis)

    Imagine that you've broken your leg and need to use a stick to support yourself when you walk. You only need your stick for the time your leg requires to heal.

    But, if you just stop using the stick when your leg is not healthy yet, you will either fall or will need to find another object to support yourself with. 

    Unlike in many other therapies, H.I.I.T recognises the symptom you come with as the stick you need to stay in balance and move forward.

    There is no need to treat the stick. It's the leg that it's broken.

    In focal analysis in H.I.I.T we try to treat the actual problem, so then when you are ready, you can just naturally drop the symptom cause you won't need it anymore. 

    The number of sessions is often difficult to predict, however depending on the issue and its complexity you should expect 3-20 sessions.

    Focal Analysis in Hypnosis

    Therapy in state of hypnosis tailored for children and teenagers. 

    Variety of methods that are easier understandable and manageable by children are used, but you should not be worried- children with their incredible imagination and the internal world, have a great capacity to work in hypnosis much better than in a standard therapy. 

    Children find that hypnosis is a great way of helping with school struggles, exam preparation and exam anxiety, phobias, low mood or self esteem. 

    Please note as a part of hypnotic induction I touch my clients on their forehead, shoulders and solar plexus (just above belly button area). During the therapy I may decide to hold my client's hand to support them in their work. 

    Hypnotherapy for children